“Papagoideparadiis” a unique space inhabited by dozens of magnificent exotic birds. We have created a warm, caring home for them, where parrots can live in a friendly community and welcome their guests with enthusiasm. The experienced team of The Cranberries has created an environment where our feathered friends feel at home, and where everyone can meet our fluffy residents. We invite you and your loved ones – children, friends, loved ones – to visit us and have a unique experience with parrots. Please read our rules before you visit.

Parrot Paradise is a unique space in Tallinn, home to dozens of magnificent exotic birds. It is a place where parrots can live in a friendly community and welcome their guests with enthusiasm. An experienced team has created an environment where feathered friends feel at home. Here everyone can get to know different species of parrots such as the Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos, Jacos, Eclectus and many others. Visitors can enjoy a unique experience with parrots, learning about their unique characteristics and behavior.

The blue and yellow Macaw

The blue and yellow Macaw inhabits the tropical forests of South and Central America. These colorful birds are characterized by their bright blue and yellow feathers, making them among the most beautiful parrots in the world. Macaws are known for their social nature and incredible ability to mimic sounds from their environment, including human speech. These parrots are highly intelligent and easily trainable for various tricks.

Price: 5000 euro

The white cockatoo

The white cockatoo is a magical, intelligent bird with colourful feathering. It can imitate and cheer up its owners. A loyal friend with a gentle character.

Price: 1500 euro

The pink cockatoo

The pink cockatoo is the embodiment of tenderness and beauty. Its colourful plumage, with shades of pink and white, instantly attracts attention. This avian genius is capable to repeat words and melodies, delighting with its melodious trills. In addition, he has a sensitive character and will be a loyal and affectionate friend.

Price: 2500 euro

Grey Parrot

Grey Parrot is a mysterious beauty in the world of parrots. Its graceful grey plumage with a red-orange tail attracts the eye and is admirable. This intelligent bird features an unrivalled ability to imitate and communicate. The grey Jaco is quick to learn words and phrases, delighting its owner with the variety of sounds.

Price: 3000 euro

The Alexandria parrot

The Alexandria parrot is a unique and beautiful species of parrot with a charming personality. Its green feathers, wings, and tail delight with their natural beauty. This sociable and intelligent bird can easily imitate sounds and words, making it an excellent conversationalist. Alexandria parrots are attached to their owners and become reliable friends, bringing joy and pleasure to everyone around them.

Price: 700 euro

The Monk Kalita

The Monk Kalita is an enigmatic parrot who boasts a smart character. Loves to imitate and enjoys being a loyal friend. Discover his wonderful world!

Price: 300/700 euro

Budgies are

Budgies are one of the most popular domestic birds. They fascinate with their bright colors and active behaviour. Cheerful and sociable, budgies are easy to train and can repeat simple words and sounds. They make devoted friends with their owners and are happy to communicate.

Price: 50 euro

Corellas are

Corellas are energetic and colourful birds that always attract attention with their colourful plumage. They boast a cheerful character and love to play and have fun. Corellas learn various tricks with ease and can imitate sounds and phrases. They love attention and socialising with humans.

Price: 85 euro


Lovebirds, or inseparables, are gentle and loyal birds that develop a special affection for their owners. They always want to be near them and show their love.

Price: 70 euro

Rosellas are

Rosellas are colourful and graceful birds that impress with their bright feathers and elegant appearance. They are mostly bright in colour and come in a variety of hues, making them great home decorations. Rosellas are friendly and love to socialise with their surroundings, especially with other birds.

Price: 150 euro

Barraband’s parrots

Barraband’s parrots (also known as superb parrots) are unique and exquisite birds who feature attractive colouring and amazing beauty. They possess thick and fluffy feathers that resemble expensive fabrics. They are regarded as exquisite sophisticated birds.

Price: 150 euro


Kakariki are cheerful and sociable parrots that adore heed and love to be the centre of attention. They are distinguished by attractive appearance and amusing behaviour. Kakariki are easily trained in various tricks and can imitate sounds and words.

Price: 200 euro

Pyrrhuras are

Pyrrhuras are mysterious and intelligent birds with beautiful plumage and interesting behaviour. They have beautiful colouring and can repeat words and sounds. Pyrrhuras make wonderful friends and companions who will always lift your spirits with their funny antics.

Price: 400 euro


Amazons are unique and intelligent parrots with colourful plumage and a strong personality. Their unique multi-coloured ego always show off through their independence. Amazons can make wonderful pets that will always delight their owners both with their intelligence and beauty.

Price: 2000 euro

Dwarf Ara

Dwarf Ara – is one of the smallest members of the parrot family. These intelligent birds show an ease in learning words and tricks, which makes them popular pets. Dwarf Aras have a lively character and social disposition, often finding joy in socialising and playing with their owners.

Price: 1000 euro

Patagonian Parrot

Patagonian Parrot are known for their social nature and ability to talk. Patagonian parrots have powerful beaks that help them easily forage for food, including nuts and seeds. They also show a penchant for learning and can make excellent companions for those who give enough attention and care to their needs.

Price: 700 euro

Himalayan Parrot

Himalayan Parrot – Its colouring includes vibrant blue, green and orange hues, making them a gorgeous sight in the wild. Himalayan parrots have a melodious voice and can imitate a variety of sounds, including human speech. They prefer to live in forests and high plateaus where they find food such as fruits and seeds.

Price: 250 euro

The Kramer parrot

The Kramer parrot, with its striking colors and friendly demeanor, is a delightful companion for bird enthusiasts around the world.

Price: 250 euro

Petting Zoo

Parrot Paradise is not just an aviary; it’s a petting zoo where visitors can interact with the parrots. It’s essential to remember the rules for interacting with the parrots: walk cautiously, follow staff recommendations, and use only special food provided to feed the parrots. Visitors can take photos of parrots without using flash and revel in their vibrant colors and unique characteristics.


Before stepping over the threshold

In the common room


Features of appearance

If you do not comply with these rules, the administration reserves the right to deny entry at any time.

In this case, the money paid will not be refunded.

Visitors who have caused damage to parrots or property are obliged to compensate the costs of treatment or restoration in full.

Parrot Shop

Parrot Paradise is not only a place to meet and interact with diverse parrot species but also a shop where you can purchase these amazing birds. Here you will find not just special food for the parrots, which you can be bought from the administrators, but also the parrots themselves. It’s the perfect spot for those who want to have a feathered friend. The Parrot Paradise team will assist you in choosing the ideal parrot, which will become a new member of your family. Come and choose your new feathered friend from among the multitude of amazing and vibrant parrots waiting for you at Parrot Paradise.


Children under 1612 euro
Students/Pensioners15 euro
Adults17 euro
Children under 16 12 euro
Students/Pensioners 15 euro
Adults 17 euro


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